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Case Study 4: Spearfish

Customer: Lucas Aerospace

Lucas Aerospace

Product: Spearfish Torpedo Hull Sections

Newburgh produced five of the eight hull sections that make up a Spearfish heavyweight Torpedo.

Investment 1£650k

Newburgh's investment included procurement of a CNC twin pallet horizontal machining centre, CNC vertical turning machine and CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine in temperature controlled environment.

Case Study 4: Spearfish


Contract value was £2.4m over a three-year period.


Newburgh were processing a number of operations on these parts to assist our customer in getting back onto delivery program. Our customer could not produce these parts to specification with their existing plant and were looking at the feasibility of investing in new facilities. Newburgh suggested that we set up a cell for manufacture of these parts, this would enable the customer to solve their problems without capital expenditure.

After producing a detailed cost model for the cell and identifying the correct machinery, equipment and processes we presented our proposal to the customer. A contract was negotiated which justified our investment and gave the customer guaranteed security of supply. We brought deliveries back onto program and produced what the customer described as "the best hulls ever".

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