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Our philosophy is one that has evolved over many years.

The principles of trust and honesty coupled with innovation in production techniques are demonstrated throughout the company. This ongoing commitment to providing bespoke solutions in a competitive environment has lead to the success story that is Newburgh.

Client testimonials speak for themselves. World class names speak in praise of the strategic relationship with Newburgh that has delivered tangible business benefits - not just excellence in engineering.

Some of the benefits that your organisation will achieve through working with Newburgh:

  • Guaranteed Delivery Times
  • Unbeatable Quality
  • Lowest Total Cost of Solution
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Improved Cashflow
  • Continuous Improvements

In selecting Newburgh for your product Manufacture you are tapping into established and proven knowledge of cellular manufacture. We work together with a common aim, that aim is to be the Best-in-Class and to out perform the competition. We realise that for Newburgh to succeed we must help our customers to be highly successful. To do this we must reduce costs, improve quality and service, and enhance product design and reliability.

Newburgh has committed resources to partnerships creating exclusive cell environments for our customer's requirements. We talk openly together and look for the best solution.

Our aim is to help our customers increase their market share and profitability.

What is a Cell?

A manufacturing cell is a dedicated group of resources operated by a team of multi-skilled individuals that are committed to producing a product or products for one customer. They are highly focused on their task. This is one of meeting the customer's needs at all times.

What sort of product?

Most products, or families of products, are suited to cellular manufacture. They need to be relatively stable in design with an ongoing requirement over a life-span that justifies the initial investment.

What you should get from a cell

The customer of a cell will receive a product that is correct to specification, on time and at the least possible cost. Deliveries improve because with dedicated resources there is no conflict of priorities between other products or customers. Work is scheduled to account for variable delivery programmes. Last minute quality problems or machine breakdowns are avoided through forward planning. The team fully understands the customer needs and is committed to meeting them.

By improving quality, product and process knowledge and maximising the utilisation of both capital equipment and people the costs come down. By costing only the overheads required for the cell the least possible cost for the product is achieved.

Let Newburgh do it

The benefits are obvious and having completed the analysis, the capital expenditure, the training, the recruitment, the engineering, the employment issues, the relocation etc etc, it is well worth it. Newburgh have set up a number of cells with different customers and in doing so has greatly increased it's knowledge and understanding of cellular manufacture.

Newburgh has a successful track record with its customers for providing engineering excellence.

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