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Manufacturing Capability

Newburgh is a progressive contract manufacturer offering outstanding facilities and a highly skilled and motivated workforce - dedicated to giving every customer what they want - when they want it!

Newburgh management have shown a strong commitment to their business partners by investing millions in cellular manufacture to service clients from all over the world.


Newburgh has a comprehensive range of CNC and manual machine tools, offering a manufacturing service which is second to none in the UK for long term supply partnerships.

Our skilled machinists and engineers are experienced at working with a wide variety of materials from aluminium to stainless steels and aerospace alloys.

We offer CNC machining up to 22m long with a biggest machine envelope of 10m x 3m x 2.5m and CNC turning up to Ø3.7m x 2m. All CNC machines are linked via a DNC network to a dedicated programming department running CAD/CAM packages capable of producing multi-axis CNC programmes.

Assembly Areas

Spacious unrestricted areas can be established at Newburgh to cater for the widest possible range of Assembly Contracts.

The department accommodates accurate fitting and assembly work from small detailed sub-assemblies to complete machines weighing many tonnes. Development work and functional tests are undertaken with extensive clean room and vertical test facilities being available.

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